Hello! My name is Niamh Doyle…

To get the academic stuff out of the way straight off, I have a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice; a Master of Science degree in Sports, Exercise and Performance Psychology from the University of Limerick and I am a Qualified Personal Trainer. 

Along with these qualifications I have a sincere desire to help as much people as I can along their journey to better physical and mental health. I am thoroughly motivated. While I am not a chartered sports psychologist I am constantly learning and with the education my degrees have provided me, I offer one-on-one sessions with athletes who feel as though they need some help with their game-day psyche or would like help to settle nerves and reprogram negative thoughts during competitions and training. I am based in Clare but am willing to travel on weekends for consultations and sessions. I would be very willing to come to schools or sports clubs to provide athletes and coaches with some skills to prepare them mentally during game time! 

I also offer Personal Training sessions and Online Coaching (exercise & nutrition) for those who want to increase their fitness. I undertake an individualised approach where your desires, abilities and goals are kept at the forefront. I want you to be in control of your fitness journey and I want you to learn as you go so that you are equipped with the tools you need to sustain a healthy life!

If you want to get in touch and see if we would work well together then get in touch via the ‘Contact’ tab above!

Le meas,

Niamh Doyle

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