Virtual Fitness Classes – Week Three

Here is the class timetable for week 3! Cannot believe we are going into the third week! If you haven’t tried out it is not too late.

If you haven’t been added to LegitFit you can message me or email to: and I can add you to the system. 💛

This week we have:

➡️ SEVEN Tabata classes

➡️ THREE Circuit classes using Weights (Anything you have at home!)

➡️ THREE Mobility/ Stretching based classes

➡️ TWENTY-TWO Online Personal training slots available (these are available for Performance Coaching sessions if you are one of my PMP clients)

Incase you are not sure Tabata is a High Intensity Interval Class. In this class we do multiple rounds of exercises, 20 secs work, 10 secs rest. Keeping the intensity super high throughout! 🔥

I want people to come out of lockdown having improved or retained the quality of their exercising technique. If you use good technique you are less likely to get injured and are working the specific muscle through the full range of motion. 💪🏼 If you attended one of the virtual classes so far you heard me say ‘quality over quantity’ many times 😅

If you want to work on your specific needs and make sure you are making each movement good quality then Online Personal Training sessions may be for you. 👀 We can also work through any questions you have about your Training and Nutrition 🥦 If you don’t see a class time that suits you book a Personal Training slot. Just let me know which date and time you would like to do! ☺️

My genuine aim is to keep people active and positive throughout these trying times. 

Le meas, Niamh 💛 x

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