Stickability, AKA Developing Perseverance

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When I was writing Mighty Mindsets, my children were quite young and so I had very little time during the day to do any writing. I would snatch a few minutes here and there during naps, but they rarely condescended to sleep at the same time, so even that was a limited option. So, despite …

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Resilient Families – 3 Things You Can Do Today To Help Your Child Become More Resilient

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When my child was experiencing some problems with another student at school recently, my first instinct was to swoop in and rescue him. But, thankfully, I resisted the urge. As much as I wanted to fix everything for him, I knew that in order for my son to become resilient, what he needed was for …

Resilient Families – 3 Things you can do today to help your child become more resilient

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