Mighty Mindsets

“This book is an excellent introduction to mindfulness for children” – Irish Examiner

Has your child ever said to you “I can’t do this” or “there’s no way I’d be able to do that”? Do they find it hard sometimes to see the good in themselves? Do they feel overwhelmed by their feelings at times?


Children can struggle with life’s challenges, big and small. But there is a way for them to learn to cope, no matter what’s happening around them. To build new habits and ways of thinking. To understand their emotions and become happier and more confident. To feel better about themselves and more able for the ups and downs of life.

Each chapter in this book covers a different topic such as growth mindsets, resilience, emotions, gratitude and mindfulness. Written in a child-friendly, humorous way and featuring clear explanations, relatable stories and practical tools your child can use every day, Mighty Mindsets helps children – and their families – lead more balanced, connected lives.


“This is a title that belongs in every school library, as a first step into emotional literacy and mental health awareness.” – Children’s Books Ireland