Free Resources

Christmas Wellbeing Countdown 2023

This countdown calendar is designed to create small moments of calm and connection in your child’s day as we head into Christmas season. Taking a moment for gratitude or to breathe intentionally, to connect with family and friends, to show kindness and compassion for themselves and others – all these small moments add up to a healthier, happier December for your child. 

Star Breathing worksheet for printing

It takes less than a minute for your child to tune in to their breath, but the benefits of doing this will last much longer. Noticing their breath gives them a chance to drop out of their heads, to calm any racing thoughts, and to connect with their body and with what’s going on around them. This simple practice is something they can bring with them throughout their day, by picturing a star on the palm of one hand, and tracing the sides of the star with a finger of the other hand.

Classroom guide for Mighty Mindsets

This is a guide for teachers to use when reading Mighty Mindsets with their class, but it can be used at home too. It goes through each chapter, developing on the themes covered in the book. It links in with the SPHE curriculum for primary schools in Ireland.